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Ok kids, listen up. I’m about to explain to you, to the best of my ability, why there are 40,000 people protesting in Tokyo’s Nagata-cho as I type this, why it matters, and why you should be talking about it, too.


What Started This Protest?

The short answer —> Japan’s Prime…

It would be really good if people would read at least the short version of this to understand what Abe is doing. I didnt know there were such strong protests but I’m so happy to hear it, because Abe is going to ruin Japan with his obvious disregard for the people of the country he has the unfortunate power to run. 

in the space of like 3 hours i have comforted 3 people who just broke up. i have no words of wisdom. ive had 2 boyfriends in 20 years. my words are irrelevant. what do I DO I LOVE 2 OF THEM A LOT i dont even know the 3rd at all but the OTHER TWO I JUST WANT TO HUG THEM AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER BUT I CANT?